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The Lemont Junior Woman’s Club (LJWC) is a service and philanthropic organization in Lemont. Our members care about our Lemont neighbors and community, and that is at the core of everything we do. We strive to improve our community and the lives of those in it through programs and financial contributions. Our 50 members donate over many hours of service and raise up to $15,000 each year for local charities.

Past projects of the club have included building Safety Village and establishing a safety curriculum for children, partnering with the Lemont Park District to build the Lemont Junior Woman’s Club playground at Centennial Park, and supporting the Lemont food pantries.

We also have a lot of fun! Most of our members joined the club to meet people in the community, and many of us have forged lifelong friendships. Outside of official club business we enjoy socials, book club, play group, recipe club and a walking group. There is something for everyone here.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Illinois and affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.


Past Presidents of the Lemont Junior Woman’s Club:

Kathleen Batistich 1993-1994
Mary Brew 1994-1995
Mary Studebaker 1995-1996
Sue Nosal 1996-1997
Sharon Navratil 1997-1998
Sarah Jones 1998-1999
Monica Meeks 1999-2000
Lisa Wright 2000-2001
Denise Coules 2001-2002
LeeAnn Conlon 2002-2003
Joyce Koon 2003-2004
Loryl Fisher 2004-2005
Lydia Slivinski 2005-2006
Brenda Douglass 2006-2007
Shannon Demack 2007-2008
Patti Senese 2008-2009
Shelley Taylor 2009-2010
Kathy Cliff 2010-2011
Michelle Slater 2011-2012
Jennifer Gould 2012-2013
Jill McAndrews 2013-2014
Kim Cryer 2014-2015
Kim Manning 2014-2015
Sandi Moleski 2015-2016
Lindsey Sulzberger 2015-2016
Stacey Koszut 2016-2017
Sara Sanderson 2016-2017


The Lemont Junior Woman’s Club was chartered in 1993 by a record-breaking 50 charter members:

Kathleen Batistich
Terry Bengston
Susan Bloom
Celeste Bosko
Karen Brandeis
Mary Brew
Barbara Bushman
Alice Chin
Marci Chin
Rosemary Christine
Lisa Cieski
Colleen Conlon
Estella Conlon
Janet Dejka
Irene Dickson
Marianne Doherty
Nancy Drafke
Faith Dubois
Karen Enyart
Karol Evanoff
Leslie Faletto
Colleen Fejedelem
Sheri Forillo
Therese George
Debbie Gibson
Fran Klappa
Patty Krengiel
Rose Marie Leal
Mary Letson
Marie Levy
Betty Liedtke
Aleta McCann
Kelly McGuire
Laura Martys
Cathleen Maylee
Susan Michael
Sue Nosal
Delores O’Neill
Joan Poplawski
Rae Ann Sanlis
Brenda Schmidt
Maria Schuler-Vogler
Marianne Siple
Mary Studebaker
Maureen Strube
Mickie Thompson
Joan Walsh
Jean Zigmant
Linda Zitch