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Community Improvement Project

Since 1999, Lemont Township has committed itself to preserving open space for the community to enjoy existing natural landscapes. Thanks to a successful referendum in 2001, officials have been able to acquire 109 acres of land, 59 of which were developed into the Heritage Woodland Sanctuary. Vistors can walk the trails and enjoy the view of over 100 species of native plant and wildlife.

In 2015 the LJWC decided to make the 59 Acre Heritage Woodland Sanctuary its Community Service Project and began a 3 year partnership with the Lemont Township. The LJWC’s goal was to bring awareness to the Sanctuary. This was done by:

  1. Outdoor Classroom – LJWC collaborated with the Lemont Township, the Open Space Committee, and Steve Fejedelum, the contractor of the outdoor classroom
    • A place where the community can gather to learn about the natural habitat of Lemont
    • A local destination for our schools to benefit from the educational programs through exploration
  2. Outdoor Signage and Trail map designs – the Sanctuary had no real signage to mark the trails for hikers. The Township partnered with Brian Zielinski to design a trail map, and VanBruggen Signs to post signage throughout the trails.
  3. LJWC Education Trail – The mission for this trail path is education. This area is heavily concentrated with native plants that you will find throughout the sanctuary. This is great for teachers to show their students many different types of plants in a small area. The students will then be able to know what plants to look for as they explore the trails in the sanctuary.
    • The sign out front will have a list of all the plants you find along the path, and plants will be marked by a stake.
    • All plants are native to this area
  1. Story wall and children’s corner