As a member of the Lemont Junior Woman’s Club (LJWC) we have general meetings the first Wednesday of every month at Safety Village in Lemont at 7:30pm.  Within the LJWC there are multiple committees you can be involved in.  These include the following:


The Philanthropy committee helps to determine who and how to give back to our community. Our largest undertaking each year is the grant we give to a community organization. We also give at least one scholarship each year to a deserving Lemont high school student. The philanthropy committee is responsible for recognizing club members who have lost a loved one and those who are celebrating a birth. We provide the food pantries in town with quarterly donations. Through our partnership with the Hope and Friendship Foundation, we provide birthday gifts to children in need and keep the Hope Closet in River Valley School organized. Lastly, we provide our members with volunteer opportunities throughout the community.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach committee is responsible for connecting the club with the community. This is done through a variety of events where our members interact and serve the community in a positive way. These events include: a kids table at a Sunset Soiree, a Scarecrow Trail, Franciscan Village Halloween Event, Halloween Hoedown table in the Safety Village, Breakfast with Santa, and the Anne Swaney Memorial self-defense class. Community Outreach is also responsible for the community improvement project.

Ways & Means

The Ways & Means committee is the fundraising committee of the club. We organize small fundraising events. We host the annual fundraiser, which is the largest event of the year for the club. We have had some incredibly fun and successful events in the past such as Mardi Gras Madness. Trivia night, Scavenger hunt, and the Snow Ball. Every year we look for new, interesting ways to generate funds to help the club support families in our area, various community organizations, and spread our positivity throughout Lemont.


The Membership committee keeps the social aspect of the club continuous. We strive to provide our members with events to encourage participation in fundraising and volunteer opportunities. We organize a variety of membership events throughout the year to promote new members of the community to join our organization. Some of these events include: Small Business Night, Sunset Soiree Members Night, LJWC  new member drink night, Glitter Your Pallet Event, Christmas Party, Cubs game outing, Spa night and Shopping Night. We host an annual Installation Dinner to recognize our previous board members, as well as welcome the new board members for the upcoming year. This committee keeps the members involved through a variety of social clubs that include: Sunshine Meals, Play Groups, Book Club, and Bunco nights.